Monday, April 24, 2006

Three way bonanza

In a recent conversation a friend of mine declaired her intension to have a three way as soon as she broke up with her significant other. That of course, got me thinking, who's up for a three way, and, more importantly, what kind?

First, let me dispense with the easy part. Every guy I asked would undoubtedly have a three way with two chicks and was more than up for it. The only, and let me stress only, variation seemed to be a single dissenter who would rather just watch two chicks together rather than participate. So, just for those of you who are keeping track, men=100% two chicks, and by and large they either were trying to figure out how to either get away with it without their girlfriends knowing, or maybe get them involved.

The chicks, of course, are another matter. First off the split was about 60%-40% for two guys and most of them really wern't that interested. A notable difference. The reasons why were even more complicated. Most of the chicks, unfortunately, who picked for two chicks, by and large reported that having two guys was too intimidating. Or, as one of them put it, two guys=too much cock. Others were sort of grossed out by the two guys, and really didn't think that two guys together was very arousing (ie nasty if they kissed syndrom). Noticably absent, "I'd love to sleep with another chick. "Which of course is a bummer.

On the flip side, as it were, things wern't that much better. Number one reason chicks would rather have two guys? They couldn't handle the jealousy of sharing a guy with another girl. As another friend put it, more cocks=less jealousy. Only one chick was glaringly honest and said that she'd rather have two guys because "you could have one in the front and one in the back." Rock and roll!

Interestingly, nobody said both.

I once read that if you don't have a three way by the time you're thirty, you're never going to have one. I have no idea if thats true, but what I do think is true is that most people, when they think about threesomes seem to think only about themselves in the senario. With that kind of thinking it probably won't. To put it another way, as the woman who cuts my hair did, who is this super guy who could handle two women.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Trend spotting

I've been seeing a lot of spandex on women lately (possibly due to the fact that I live on the upper east side). Lets hope it stays appropriate.

Bizet Smeezay

So I went to the opera the other night (disclaimer: wasn't my idea). I wouldn't say I was dragged, but on the other hand I wasn't highly enthusiastic. I called ahead about dress code and was told that they aspire to business casual, so of course I dressed business casual. Did I see people in jeans there, you bet, but mostly people were dressed fairly formal, which made people in jeans stand out in the bad way. On the other hand, I did see people in tuxes and ball gowns. I guess if I could afford orchestra tickets to the Met, I would wear my (hypothetical) tux.

Anyway, it seems that going to the opera is some form of extended foreplay. First, everybody gets dressed up, then heads to dinner. A quick cab ride and you're at the opera where you mingle between acts, looking great, drinking wine and feeling, well feeling something. Then, after, you go out for a few drinks. Its tailor made for getting laid! Evidence: plenty of chicks were plastered to their dates.

A word of caution though: I wouldn't go on a third date unless you are mr (or ms) smooth and can pull of that no expectations but act like their might be thing. Otherwise, its strictly for the its 8 months in and I might want to get serious types.

Oh, Link update: I've added slack lalane. Need to waste time, there it is!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Out and About

I was out the other night at Central Bar with a couple of friends of mine. It was ok, and a quick tip on ordering: Head to the far end of the bar, the service is a lot quicker.

So, while we were there this sort of heavy set guy comes up the group of people I am with and says "whats up cool people!" I'm not sure if he was trying to make headway with one of the laides or maybe just being friendly, or whatever. It was pretty painful to watch him get sliced and diced after he walked away. To be clear, I have sympathy for his self-depricating sense of humor and I don't want to be too hard on him, but I think anybody would be better off with, oh, anything else to say.

Just a couple of other recs if you are out and about (and just to be clear I'm no foodie). Hana Sushi on 78th and 2nd is pretty good, and if you catch them on the right night their tuna roll melts in your mouth (if you're into that sort of thing). Also, I was at Basso Est recently, and I just gotta love the ambiance!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

By Mennen!

Welcome to my thirtith post. I never thought I'd make it this far actually. Nice.

I thought I'd turn a bit political for a moment or two. Like a lot of other guys I came of age at the time of the third wave of feminism, and all its ambivalance (or at best hostility) towards sexuality, which brings me to two things.

So, I ran across this the other day.

I think its a really good idea for men to have some sort of say about pregnant gf, one nighters, etc. But I have to wonder, if we don't have to assume any responsibility, why not be able to insist on an abortion? I'll just have to leave it an open question.

But wait, there is more! So the other day I was at my local bus stop, smokin' and generally being unplesant morning version of myself when I spot a totally hot pic of Teri Hatcher, who I've always loved. Then I remembered, and was quickly confirmed by the title on the front, that she had revealed that she was sexually abused as a child. Now, what the fuck am I supposed to think as a guy? Here I am simultaneously being turned on and made to feel bad for feeling turned on. Nice jobe Vanity Fair, now I can feel fucked up about loving Teri too! Of course, its probably a good idea for me to ignore the fact all the porn I watch involves people who were most likely abused, including my favorites.

Oh and by the way, I just ran across this
I have to say the guy's got a point. Used to be a time where men could just beat . . .

Monday, March 27, 2006

Spring starts with a heartbeat's pounding

Its a line from a fave song of mine by the Tragically Hip. As a side note my friend over at velvet-sea.blogspot doesn't think they are too good, but I love them. Anyway today was an amazing day here, the kind that makes me love the city. Away go all the boots and pea coats, out come the heels, skirts, and thongs. God I can't wait for summer (and I'm not ashamed to say it)!

Saturday, March 25, 2006


I know I know, I've been slacking. Here's a nug to tide you over, I found it in my web travels and I thought it was hilarious. He's a badman alright.

Monday, February 27, 2006

NoSex MoSex

Sorry I haven't posted anything substantive in awhile. I've been a bit under the weather. But, here's something to make it up to ya. Its your very own review of, thats right, you guessed it, MoSex . Now, I have to be honest, MoSex wasn't that interesting. And a bit short. As my one friend put it, MoSex is "anticlimatic" at best.

Now, before I start to get too harsh I should mention that the special display on the history of stag films is pretty interesting. Admittedly the display on the objectification of the male form was not really my bag, but my biggest beef (ha ha) is that the permenant collection is way too small. Besides the sex machines its yada yada yada enjoy our gift shop.

A word about sex machines: personally I found them a bit, well scary isn't the right word, but you get the picture. However, my female friends come to the rescue again. One saying that she thought they were "kinda hot except for the one that looked like a dentist chair". The other, well she just got a sly look.

All and all, sort of a let down, even with the 5 dollar coupon. I'd say the one in Amsterdam is a lot more entertaining. Of course, my consciousness was pretty altered . . .